Get your kids outside and active

The health benefits of exercise and outdoor time is endless. From lifting moods, boosting energy and overall wellbeing, kids and teenagers need easy access to fun and stimulating activities around the home and garden.

If you have kids that seem to live in a world of pixels and screens, maybe it’s time you invested in some engaging outdoor activities around the garden to motivate your kids to get amongst it! You can do great things with a small budget and some elbow grease, or get serious and bring in some experts to give you a professional look.

Consider a flying fox, pretty much anything that involves a bit of danger and speed is guaranteed to get the kids smiling. You can rig one up easily yourself by stringing some high strength rope between two trees. Make sure that one tree is taller than the other to give you a nice angle and to make sure your kids will actually get moving easily. Alternatively, there are a number of companies that can create a more sophisticated and permanent flying fox by using poles cemented into the ground and wire rope to get them zipping along.

One of the biggest hurdles to getting the kids outside is actually getting them off the couch. I have found that making the outdoors as accessible as possible is the key. Having closed doors to the garden or patio creates a visual and mental barrier that needs to be overcome. On the other hand, removing any actual division between inside and out can go a long way to ensuring kids will simply wonder outside of their own accord. A great way to achieve this is to install large glass sliding doors that can be completely opened. A brand to look at that specialise in catering for modern open plan living is Brio, who have a selection of top quality timber framed door hardware for all tastes.

For teenagers or indeed the parents, an outdoor gym can be a great way to get the family exercising without the crowds or mirrors of the local gym. It really depends what they enjoy doing, but there is a range of outdoor equipment that can take a beating outside. Hang a boxing bag from the carport roof, or build a standalone covered area that houses the equipment and you’ll be enjoying gym time in the great outdoors as opposed to an air conditioned gym.

Do your kids get on the sports field on the weekends? Consider creating a training ground at home depending on the sport they like best. A soccer net, basketball hoop or cricket pitch are very easy to create and will keep them active for a while. You can also get competitive and have some family wide games with winners getting a treat.