Kids rooms that go the distance

Parents love to decorate their kids rooms before the first born arrives. You still have time, space and creativity in reserve. All this tends to change once the reality of kids takes hold with good intentions and ideas often staying just that as the whirlwind takes hold. But fear not, there are some great ways to transform your kids room into a stylish space that will take the test of time and odd miss guided magic marker!

It was quite a trend for some time to really go to town on a complete theme for a kids room – think fire engines, space, racing cars or fairy princesses. The issue with this is that kids tend to move quite quickly between interests so spending days working up the perfect steam engine wall mural only to your son move onto a serious obsession with BMX can be frustrating. Increasingly, parents are choosing to make more mature decisions about decorating their kids rooms, not in terms of the feel, but more the way to make design last the test of time and fickle tastes. After all, not many people have the time to re-decorate a room frequently so choosing items like wallpaper or rugs that you would use in your own room, yet also have a younger vibe, can be the way to go.

You can also make the room quite interactive if you like. Chalkboard paint is a great way to make this happen easily and cheaply. Apart from a dedicated wall, consider painting an entire wardrobe, that way you get write what each drawer contains which looks cool and also helps kids reading skills. Another idea is to use a wallpaper that has images of empty picture frames which kids can decorate with their own drawings. This idea works better with kids of 5 and over, as the little ones can make a mess pretty quickly!