Take control of you space – clever ideas to reduce toy clutter

As parents we know the mess and chaos that ensues at the end of a day in the living room. Toys, food, books, clothes all merge into a great unfathomable arrangement that needs hours to get back in order. But fear not, there are few simple things you can do to limit the mess and have you enjoying YOUR space when the kids are safely counting sheep.

Selecting multi use furniture that can swallow up a good amount of toys at the end of the day can be a good way to restore some zen to your room. A large wooden trunk that doubles as a coffee table can be super for storing larger toys while a vintage suitcase looks good in a corner of a room. Internally think about using smaller boxes or containers to separate craft items from toys or you will simply end up with a mess inside your trunk.

Encourage the kids to play outdoors! If you have a garden or outdoor area, relocate the kids out there for play and snack time. The birds will clean up any detritus left after morning tea and kids can usually entertain themselves outside without many toys. If you really want to encourage kids to head outdoors, consider installing some large sliding doors from companies such as Brio that open up onto an outdoor area. Alternatively, integrate exterior folding doors which can be stacked to one side to remove any physical barrier between inside and out.

If you have the means, building custom storage solutions is the optimal way to minimise mess. Think storage under a day bed or bay window, constructing a purpose built storage cabinet that can separate the meccano from the dolls, or simply some custom made wooden boxes that fit perfectly into an allocated space.

Removing unsightly technology will also go a long way to reducing the overall clutter in your room. A forest of electrical cables, Xbox consoles or Wii players can easily be slipped into the draws of TV cabinet if not in use. Consider building a custom cabinet that matches your interior style and can effectively hide cables and wires of the TV and sound system.